Date: 2013 Apr-19
  KDK New Product: SMD TXCO

Customer requirements for TCXO and VC-TCXO is expanding.
Not only mobile applications, and also many customer related telecommunication and industrial equipments are looking for various type of products. According such customer requirements KDK is expanding SMD TCXO products for their product line.
Please check below lists of KDK's SMD TCXO line, and feel free to contact for any questions and requirements.

KDK Model Size Freq. Range Feature Supply Voltage PDF
QAT13FA 7050 Size 10~52MHz  0.2ppm(-40~85) 2.7V~5.5V
QAT13FC 7050 Size 10~52MHz  0.2ppm(-40~85) 2.7V~5.5V
QAT13FB 7050 Size 10~52MHz  0.2ppm(-40~85) 2.7V~5.5V
QAT13FD 7050 Size 10~52MHz  0.2ppm(-40~85) 2.7V~5.5V
QAT42RA 7050 Size 10~52MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 1.7V~3.3V
QAT42RC 7050 Size 10~52MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 1.7V~3.3V
QAT42RB 7050 Size 10~52MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 1.7V~3.3V
QAT42RD 7050 Size 10~52MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 1.7V~3.3V
TKP13FA 5032 Size 10~52MHz  0.2ppm(-40~85)/0.1ppm(-10~70)  8Pad 2.7V~5.5V
TKP13FC 5032 Size 10~52MHz  0.2ppm(-40~85)/0.1ppm(-10~70)  8Pad 2.7V~5.5V
TKP51RA 5032 Size 10~38MHz  2.5ppm(-30~85) 3.0V+-5%
TKP51RC 5032 Size 10~38MHz  2.5ppm(-30~85) 3.0V+-5%
TKP14RA 5032 Size 10~27MHz  0.5ppm(-30~85) 2.4V~5.5V
TKP14RC 5032 Size 10~27MHz  0.5ppm(-30~85) 2.4V~5.5V
TKS42RA 3225 Size 10~40MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 2.3V~3.6V
TKS42RC 3225 Size 10~40MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 2.3V~3.6V
TKS14RA 3225 Size 10~40MHz  0.5ppm(-30~85) 2.3V~3.7V
TKS14RC 3225 Size 10~40MHz  0.5ppm(-30~85) 2.3V~3.7V
TKT42RS 2520 Size 10~52MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 1.7V~3.3V
TKT42RC 2520 Size 10~52MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 1.7V~3.3V
TKF42RA 2016 Size 13~52MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 1.7V~3.3V
TKF42RC 2016 Size 13~52MHz  2.0ppm(-30~85) 1.7V~3.3V
= Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators 温度補償水晶発振器
= Temperature Compensated Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators 温度補償電圧制御水晶発信器
Frequency and specification is avilable by customer requirements.  If you have any questions, please contact KDK.

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