Date: OCT 1st, 2005

Technical Report for Low Current Consumption Type Oscillators
SMD type oscillators had been used almost all type of application these days.
Market expansion required product downsizing, and various size of products has been developed and introduced to the market.
Downsized oscillators was successful to fit in mobile type applications like compact digital camera, notebook computer and PDA. 
Such application requires low power consumption concerning of battery life, so power consumption of each components becomes critical parameters these days.
Under such circumstance, KDK introduce low current consumption type oscillators to the market.
You can ask Low Current Consumption Option at MIN(7.5x5.0mm), DUT(5.0x3.5mm) and MEG(3.0x2.5mm) type.

Low Current Consumption Type:

Model: Size: Frequency: Vdd: Current:

MIN-Y TYPE 7.5x5.0mm 1.8~50Mhz 2.5V, 2.8V, 3.3V 1.5mA~3.5mA

DUT-Y TYPE 5.0x3.5mm 1.8~50Mhz 2.5V, 2.8V, 3.3V 1.5mA~3.5mA

MEG-Y TYPE 3.0x2.5mm 1.8~50Mhz 2.5V, 2.8V, 3.3V 1.5mA~3.5mA


Model Name:

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)


DUT 2 0 A T 8 -Y
(1)  Model Name (MIN, DUT, MEG)
(2)(6) Voltage Option(2/5=2.5V, 2/8=2.8V, 3/=3.3V
(3) Frequency Stability(0=+-100ppm,  5=+-50ppm, 3=+-30ppm, 2=+-25ppm, Y=+-20ppm)
(4) Temperature Range(A=-10~70C, F=-40~85C)
(5) T=Tri-state Function
(7) Y=Low Current Consumption Type

Parameters Conditions Vdd=2.5V Type Vdd=2.8V Type Vdd=3.3V Type
Frequency Range Temperature Range

 1.8~50MHz  -10~+70 degree C (Option:-40~+85degree C)

Frequency Stability (max.) All Condition

+-20ppm, +-25ppm, +-30ppm, +-50ppm, +-100ppm

Symmetry (max.) 50% Vdd


Output Voltage       Voh
"0" Level (max.)
"1" Level (min.)

90% Vdd
10% Vdd

Rise/Fall Time
Tr/Tf  (max.)
10~90% Vdd
90~10% Vdd


Input Current (max.) No Load
1.5mA(F0 <=32MHZ)
2.5mA(F0 >32MHZ)
2.0mA (F0<=32MHZ)
3.0mA (F0>32MHZ)
2.5mA (F0<=32MHZ)
3.5mA (F0>32MHZ)
Driving Ability  

10 LS-TTL (@CL=15pF)

Start-Up Time (max.)   5.0 ms max.
Output Enable Time   5.0 ms max.
Output Disable Time   150 ns max.
Input Voltage Level   VIH

70% Vdd min.
30% Vdd max.

Stand-by Current (1ST)  

1μA max.


Comparison of Input Current:
Vdd=2.5V  CL=15pf   Vdd=2.8V  CL=15pF   Vdd=3.3V  CL=15pF
Vdd=2.5V  No Load   Vdd=2.8V  No Load   Vdd=3.3V  No Load
* Black=Standard Type  Pink=Y type

Result: 50% reduce current consumption.
Comparison of Wave Form (DUT30Type)
Low Current Type(DUT-Y) Standard Type(DUT)  

Vdd=3.3V F=30MHZ CL=15pf

Cellular Phone, Mobile Equipments, PDA, Wireless LAN, Digital TV, Digital Camera, Various Module Components, etc.

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SPEC SHEET (DUT-Y type MEG-Y type )

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